An experienced guide through growth

“Thanks to Jackson McNally, our organization is in a better position to execute on mission, expand and scale to changing priorities.”

What We Do.

Jackson McNally is a consulting firm built by organizational designers for the sole purpose of partnering with dynamic organizations through their moments of growth and evolution.

Growth Has Surprises Around Every Bend.

Leading the growth and evolution of an organization is exciting! The end goal is inspiring. Yet many of these strategic moments don’t reach their full potential. Envisioned expectations go unmet. Investments go unrealized. People get disheartened and leave. And what an opportunity missed! We’re here because that doesn’t have to be the case.

We’re your partner to navigate these critical junctures – one practical and strategic step at a time to get to the heart of what’s blocking momentum and co-design solutions that bring your vision to fruition.

Impact to Expect from Our Partnership

  • Profound change in how a leadership team relates to one another
  • Alignment on strategic vision, what to prioritize, and how to practically achieve those priorities
  • Energized and engaged employees owning their part of the organization’s strategic goals
  • Optimized delivery through the right organizational structure and collaboration flow

Our Services that Create Impact

  • Leadership Alignment Retreats
  • Structuring of Roles, Responsibilities, and Decision Rights
  • Organizational Assessments and Action Planning
  • Operating Model Design
  • Employee Sentiment Assessments and Recommendations
  • Adoption of New Ways of Working
  • Post Merger Integration
  1. Executive Leadership Forming, Storming, Norming
  2. Optimizing Strategy, Structure, and Processes for the Future
  3. Attrition Risk Management

How to Partner with Us.

Our clients come to us at different stages in their journey. We’ll meet you where you are. ​

Practiced Hands

You have internal experts, but due to the sheer scope of the endeavor, you need more practiced hands on-deck to get the job done.

Diagnose & Recommend

You're looking for an external expert to diagnosis the current state and develop a roadmap with recommendations for your team to execute.

Collaborative Partnership

You're looking to put your head together with someone you can trust and collaboratively navigate the complex challenges ahead and build a path forward.

Retreats & Training

Your team needs an experienced facilitator to elevate the conversation and create space for deep thinking and connection, while ensuring objectives are met.

Our Leadership Team


Jubilee Jackson

Jubilee Jackson will not lose sight of the bottom-line or the heart of the organization. In her 10+ years of experience, Ms. Jackson’s unique consulting approach blends the best of organizational theory, behavioral science, design thinking, and strategy. She is honored to regularly partner with executives and directors of globally-distributed companies and government agencies in high stakes and complex initiatives to great success. Ms. Jackson’s clients frequently cite her discernment, impactful delivery, and infectious enthusiasm as game-changing qualities in their partnerships.


Kristin McNally Levitas

Kristin McNally Levitas has over 10 years of experience leading Fortune 500 companies and government agencies – both domestic and abroad – to plan, design, implement, and measure the impact of transformation initiatives. Over this time, Kristin has led cross-functional teams through enterprise assessments, used human-centered design principles to develop solutions to organizational challenges, developed operating models, and implemented change management and communications plans. In addition to her technical expertise, the real alchemy of Kristin is her sincere determination to get it right, her warmth, optimism, and commitment always to be a person you can rely upon.

Thank you for trusting us. ​

It takes real vision and stick-to-it-iveness to lead an evolution, and we truly respect people who are out there making it happen.

“Our challenges were complex, ambiguous, and uncomfortable. Jackson McNally helped our organization rise out of the uncertainty. From our first interaction, Jackson McNally provided the space to think experimentally, giving leaders the chance to explore our challenges as opportunities. We reframed our present-state problems as future-state outcomes, where we thought about how our workforce and operations aligned with outcomes that forwarded our mission.”

“The total experience with Jackson McNally reflected the best and most genuine of organizational values that our organization upholds: respect, humility, and scientific dedication to the truth…Thanks to Jackson McNally, our organization is today in a better position to execute on mission, expand and scale to changing priorities, and make decisions with the needs of our staff at the front of mind.”

“As the customers for this workshop – I just wanted to share with you my gratitude and utter joy with the approach and support from your team. These are the big rocks worth leaning into which are going to truly help our business and improve culture.”

“My team has worked with multiple consultants over the years but has always struggled with long term implementation and culture change. Jackson McNally was the first group to take time to listen to our true requirements, engage our employees, get their buy-in, and present a successful strategy that we could implement to achieve our mission.”

Let’s navigate your journey together. ​​​

We embrace the responsibility that comes with this work, and show up with thoughtfulness, attentiveness, optimistic warmth, and an innate ability to really hear and understand what is being said across all levels of an organization. Our approach is never prescriptive – informed by decades of experience in management consulting, we start with discovery and let the data inform our work.